Any further questions?

  • Do beginners need a ski pass from the first day?

Yes. Since our structures for beginners are located at the mountain, beginners need a ski pass on the first day. Also, usually in the afternoon of the first day of class, independent practice is recommended.

  • Is the ski pass included in the price?

No, the ski pass is not included in the price; it can be purchased at the ticket counters of the cable car in the valley.

  • Can I pay with credit card in the office of the ski school and in the child care centre?

In the ski school you may pay with credit card, in the child care centre we only accept cash.

  • What benefits offer the right techniques?

With the right technique, the control of the snowboard is improved under different conditions (snow, slopes, ...). For your own safety and that of others.

  • How long will it take to learn the most important technical elements and to apply them?

This depends on various factors, such as previous experience with similar sports, athletic preparation, and age or motivation level.
Snowboarding has a general rule: practice makes perfect and fun is the best companion.

  • Is it compulsory to wear a helmet?

A helmet is recommended for all skiers or snowboarders; anyhow, only children up to 14 years are required by law to wear a helmet. At the snow park, however, helmets are required for all guests.

  • When do I need to book private lessons?

The sooner the better. Especially if you wish to book your lesson at a certain time and / or with a particular instructor, we recommend an early reservation.

  • Can we book a private lesson for more than one person?

Yes. Under the assumption that all participants are at the same level. Otherwise, it is not possible to guarantee a satisfactory training for all participants.


  • At what age may children participate in a snowboarding course?

Basically we offer snowboard lessons for children from 6 years of age. A private or trial lesson is of course recommended at any age. The proper equipment is available here we us or at the rental stations.



  • Can our children be taught together in a group?

Yes, if they have the same skill level. Otherwise, it is unfortunately not possible to ensure a satisfactory training for all participants.

  • How are the groups divided?

On the first day of the course, participants will be divided into groups according to age and skills.
If a participant during the course no longer fits into the group (because the level is too easy / difficult), he/she will be assigned to a different, more appropriate group.

  • How big are the groups in the courses?

Normally, up to 8 persons, in high season also up to 10 participants are possible. In the low season, smaller groups are likely.

  • What if my child does not like the food at the Kron Restaurant or has a food allergy?

If the child does not like the food, there is always the alternative option to order pasta.
If your child has a food intolerance, please let us know when enrolling for the snowboard course.

  • What if I get sick?

Let’s hope not :) On presentation of a medical certificate issued by the local Health Authority, you may either postpone the lesson or be refunded.

  • Is the lesson postponed or refunded in case of bad weather?

Our courses are carried out in any weather, so the lesson cannot be postponed, nor do you get a refund. In consultation with your instructor, the lesson may eventually be moved.

  • At what time should I show up?

5-10 minutes before class.

  • What if I arrive late to the meeting point?

If you are late, please call us or contact directly the staff in our offices. We will contact the instructors and agree on a new meeting place, where he/she will pick you up as soon as possible.

The Survival-Kit

  1. The main parts are of course skiers and poles.

  2. As well as the fitting skiing boots.

  3. Very important is the right functional clothing, which consists of a ski jacket and a pair of trousers. Please ensure that the clothes are well fitting when you purchase them. We recommend an outfit in breathable material, but still snow resistant and warm. When buying these clothes, the skiers and the skiing boots, it is best to ask for professional advice in your sport shop.

  4. You will also need some fitting gloves. When buying those, check that they are not too big as this will lead to temperature loss.

  5. As an adult you will need a well fitting cap for your head. Please keep in mind that for kids up to 14 years of age a helmet is obligatory while skiing. Needles to say that also adults can wear a helmet if they feel safer with it.

  6. In case of precipitation you will need skiing goggles.

  7. If the sun is shining you will need sun glasses. Check that they are closed on the sides to protect your eyes from draft. The sun glasses should have lenses which provide a 400-UV-protection in order to filter out all dangerous waves of the UV-spectrum.

  8. You should always have your ski pass and the lift card on you.

  9. As well as the course card.

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