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"To carve" also means to cut or slice, and defines this type of skiing. Carving therefore means swinging with an intensive support by the edge and the ski form. Carving is a development of the conventional ski technique, where the swings are completely driven to the edge, rather than drifting through the curve. Modern carving skis promote the carving technique with the side cut, the uniformly curved edges and torsional rigidity. The edges cut into the snow more than the classic skis thanks to the special construction of the carving skis.


A skiing technique named after the region of origin, "Tele-Marken" in Norway; the outside ski when curving is in front, and leads the movement by the typical step curve. This technique can only be used with bindings, which leave the heel free to move vertically, in order to be able to exercise pressure on the inside ski when curving. The front foot will be charged at the heel and thus sits firmly on the ski.


Nowadays the “Newschoolers” are even participating in the Olympic Games. And for cool guys like you, the main attractions in the Fun Parks will be: Big Airs, Half pipes, Quarter pipes, Slopestyle, Big Mountain and Skier's-Cross. That’s what you can learn from us, if you want to achieve a stylish performance with cool jumps as a trendsetter, or if you want to hit the white far away from the official slopes as a free rider!


Slopestyle is a special type of competition which derives from snowboarding and free skiing. As a Slopestyler you will ride down an obstacle course. While doing so you can combine the different obstacle elements in your own creative way.

Free Riding

Free riding is the new and cool trend sport, far from the official slopes, perfect for snowboarding. Here you can let your creativity take over. Beside the snowboard you can use special free riding skiers, which are great to ride in deep snow. With these skis you can learn and perform awesome jumps and thanks to the special twin-tips you can land and ride backwards.

Half pipe

Many freestyle jumps are preformed on the so called half pipe - basically a snow tube cut in half. So when you are sliding through the half pipe you can gain a lot of speed and can jump for example over the edge or make a 360° turn.

Big Air

Freestyle distinguishes between a Straight Jump or a Big Air, Half pipe, Quarter pipe and Slopestyle. The Big Air is a gigantic jump. Here you will learn to jump and perform more difficult tricks.

Ski Cross

Here you will start as one of four competitors who race all at the same time down a slope with bumps, jumps and curves made out of snow. It will always be knock out race, meaning that only the first two will make it to the next round.

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